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Hi, I'm Lucy! 

As I have been living a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle for almost ten years now, I've decided to share my journey into the world of healthy, delicious living. Join me in savouring life's pleasures, without missing out on the fun, social events, and delicious moments!

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My Story

You may be wondering why on earth I have decided to start a blog and to be quite honest, I am not really too sure myself. However, I just thought it may be helpful to share my personal journey, experiences, challenges, and triumphs of living a gluten and dairy-free lifestyle for the past 10 years. What began as a quest for improved health has evolved into a transformative journey that reflects the changing landscape of dietary choices and their acceptance in society.

I'm Lucy, but my friends call me Pickles (a cheeky nod to my surname). I'm 23 years old, and you guessed it, I am part of the Gluten and Dairy Free Diet crew. Around a decade ago now, I embarked on a gluten-free diet as I was experiencing a lot of discomfort. This diet then enabled me to feel a lot better, but roll-on another 5 years, something still wasn’t quite right so I furthered it to dairy-free as well. Touch wood, I seem to now have everything under control, and feel as though this diet suits me well. However, back when I first embarked on the journey, the concept was relatively unknown, and navigating the culinary works without many staples was often a daunting task. But today, it is amazing to see how far we’ve come in terms of awareness, acceptance, and accessibility for those with dietary restrictions (don’t get me wrong, there is still a long way to go, but it’s off to a good start!).

Eating out has become easier as awareness has grown to show dedicated menus, clearly marking allergens, and even being able to adapt dishes to cater to needs. It really is becoming more accommodating. The supermarket aisles have seen a huge growth in products, and brands showing a true indication of the demand and acceptance this dietary lifestyle has gained. Price matching in essentials such as pasta is beginning to develop.


However, whilst I have seen a lot of progress, there are still some challenges that arise during social gatherings and special occasions which can occasionally pose hurdles, as misunderstanding or oversight may lead to unintentional consumption of gluten or dairy. However, as we continue to share our experiences and educate those around us, we contribute to a more inclusive and empathetic world. But honestly, there are days I’d rather trade just about anything for a bite of anything!


No matter if you’ve embraced this lifestyle by choice or out of necessity, I’m here to help you navigate towards your goals without missing out on the good stuff – whether that’s celebratory feasts, hangouts with friends, or savouring your all-time favourite meal. Trust me, there’s always a way, and I’m excited to show you how.










Are you tired of the questions like “What can you eat?” and “How do you cope?” Let’s crush those misconceptions, celebrate the choices, and cook up a story of well-being. My mission is to guide you to your objectives without compromising the moments that matter, whether they’re filled with festivity or the familiar comfort of a cherished meal. There is a way around it, and I hope to show you how.


Whether you're looking for handy tips, a peek into a gluten and dairy-free diet, or simply enjoy a little read with your morning coffee, I hope to create a space and community to accommodate that.


Thank you for joining me on this adventure, I really do hope you enjoy :)


Pickles x


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