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Gluten and Dairy-Free Guide to Copenhagen

Welcome to the first of my gluten and dairy-free guide series, where I explore a new city and all of the options and delicious treats they have to offer! So let’s start it off by taking you on a little journey back to when I decided to embrace the thrill of solo travel!

After diving into some research, I landed on the enchanting city of Copenhagen as my destination of choice. Besides being a treasure trove of tourist hotspots and vibrant culture, the glimpses of scrumptious eats sealed the deal for me! So, off I went on a three-day escapade, walking my heart out to soak in all the sights and indulge in all the deliciousness!

Now, I am going to set out the true heroes of my foodie escapade – the places you absolutely must check out when you find yourself in this picturesque city. Travelling is all about discovering new culinary hideaways, and trust me, it can be a bit tricky when you’re navigating dietary needs and foreign menus. But guess what? I stumbled upon some absolute hidden gems that catered to my gluten and dairy-free cravings in the best way.

42RAW: Bowls of Goodness

Imagine a realm where burgers, poke bowls, sandwiches, and sweet potato fries aren’t just ordinary food but enchanting creations. Well, try 42RAW. This place isn’t bound to the constraints of mealtimes – this magical realm serves up both breakfast delights and lunchtime wonders. My personal favourite? The salmon poke bowl !!! Wowweeeee!!!

Landbageriet: Baking Wonders

The cutest little bakery where gluten and dairy-free treats are the order of the day. And guess what? They have the elusive cinnamon swirl that I’ve been yearning for forever. I loved it so much that I made sure to return the very next day for another!

GROD: A Porridge Revelation

At GROD, the Danish word for porridge, you will find a whole universe of flavours unfolding. Sweet porridge to savoury risottos – they cover it all. But let me tell you about the acai bowl! Oh my goodness, it was something else. Blueberries, banana, peanut butter, and their own granola all complimented each other perfectly. Truly unforgettable!

Smag: Salad Perfection

Located in the market as well as at the airport, this is the ultimate haven for fresh and nutritious delights. A whole symphony of colours and flavours, with a wide array of salads to choose from. You get to craft your own salad adventure by picking your base and piling on the toppings. Mmmm yum!

So, these are the gems that stole my heart. If you’ve been lucky enough to explore Copenhagen, I’d love to hear about your culinary experiences. And if you’re planning a trip, promise me you will give these places a try – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Just a quick heads-up though: as I experienced these back in May 2023, the offerings may have had a makeover since then. But hey, that’s the beauty of culinary exploration, right? Enjoy your own adventure!

Pickles x

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